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There once was a time where journalists were proclaiming that the personal essay was dead. In 2017, Jia Tolentino wrote in the New Yorker that, “The Internet made the personal essay worse, as it does for most things.” Now, in 2021, that couldn’t be further than the truth. The first-person narrative stands tall as an essential type of journalism, allowing for writers everywhere to make a living sharing their own experiences and telling their truths. Furthermore, the personal essay’s longevity will continue to stand the test of time because of one simple fact: Anyone can write one. …

Hub Talk

According to our friends here on Medium

Let’s face it, writing is hard and has been difficult since the beginning of time. Fortunately, with evolution and technological advancement came a by-product of tools and habits that ease the burden of an author. A few weeks ago, we’ve asked you all “What’s Your Favorite Writing Tool?” and got an overwhelming amount of responses

Thanks to everyone who shared, if you have any other great ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments here:

iPhone Notes App

I swear by iPhone Notes. It’s such a tidy and useful little product, and its search function is great. …

Hub Talk

From having an idea-generating system in your Moleskine notebook to Grammarly serving as your contributing editor, we all have our go-to writing tools. In “With Grammarly, I Write Good,” Lance Ulanoff describes incorporating this tool in his writing process. What apps, websites, browser extensions, bells, whistles, etc., have contributed to your success as a writer? What do you use alongside the Medium editor? Let us know what’s been working for you in the responses.


The gloves are off, where do you stand?

We asked two editors from Medium, Amy Shearn and Matthew Savener, to debate both sides of the Oxford comma conundrum. Here’s what happened:

The Oxford comma. There may be no single stylistic choice that causes such a wide rift between those of us who work with language. It divides us — writers, editors, and grammarians. Or is it writers, editors and grammarians?

If you’re not a huge word nerd, there’s a chance you’re not familiar with this stuffy-sounding piece of punctuation, so first let’s define it. …


Because deep down we all know that Coronavirus isn’t going anywhere

  1. 29 Teams teams show up for training camp; the Hornets aren’t there. Nobody notices.
  2. Micheal Beasley arrives at the bubble because the Atlanta Hawks sign him for a minimum guarantee. He gets sent away three days later for trying to sneak Bernice Burgos and some backwoods into his hotel.
  3. Ernie Johnson announces that he will be leaving NBA Today to focus on his paid newsletter. Kenny Smith begins to give Ernie a heartwarming goodbye speech. Shaq abruptly interrupts by reminding Charles Barkley that he has no rings.
  4. Adrian Wojnarowski…

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